6 Top Daily Deals Websites

Daily Deals Websites

Majority of the best deals for online retail and local, services and restaurants are the sites that offer flash sales, daily steals and hourly rock bottom prices. You might think that some of these daily deal sites offer the same products, but when compared you will find out that the products are different. The two most popular daily deals websites are Groupon and living social. There are many more websites for finding great deals for deal hunters such as Proper shopping.


1Sale is very similar to the woot website. It started by offering one deal per day but has since evolved and now it provides several deals in a day in different categories. If you are a deal hunter, then you should watch out for the countdown which is located on the top right of the page. The countdown displays which deals are new live on the site.


Coup Recoup is a second-hand deal site. Here you can sell or buy Groupon and LivingSocial deals that you might have missed. You can also sell some of the deals that you purchased, but you can’t use.

Google offers

Google offers an excellent website both for locals and travellers alike. The site features local restaurants entertainment, retailers and service deals locally. It also has an option where shoppers can view the business location on google maps.


The Meh website has become popular because of its funny product descriptions and direct selling approach. It offers a new deal every midnight. In this website, shoppers are assured of finding a significant discount on a variety of items. The product descriptions are made in a funny and are filled with sarcasm especially for cheap products or products that are deemed useless. The website writers offer real reviews on the essential products.

Plum District

Plum District is a website created for moms and people with families. They offer daily deals in almost all categories. The deals include spas, restaurants, kids, family activities, hotels, weekend getaways and this includes the cities in the USA. You can also get the deals from National online retailers.


Woot is a daily deal website that offers one deal in a day and also operates other vital deals from different categories like kids, home, tech and wine. The deals are quite cheap, and they go at a high rate.


Before you buy any online deal, it’s important to look at the terms and conditions of that deal. You will only find the real deal after reading the terms and conditions so that you are aware of what you are purchasing.


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