Four Best Bargain Sites Which Are Cheaper Than eBay

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Finding the best deal is essential especially if you are shopping online for bargains on clothes, electronics, accessories and other products. Even though is an excellent website for finding items at lower prices, there are also other available sites that have best bargains. Let’s look at each one of them.

Bens Bargains

Immediately you get on their website, Bens Bargains will give you some of the newest and hottest deals. You can also browse through different categories, various brands, and retailers of your choice. The good thing about this site is that you will quickly know when there’s a deal unlike on eBay where you will have to forage. The website offers deals alerts based on the price and keywords.


DealNews offers you the hottest deals on gadgets, electronics, computers, cameras and many more electronic devices. You can search or browse by store coupon or category. You can grab the excellent bargains from retailers such as Toshiba, Walmart, Guitar centre and Nordstrom. Once you go into a particular section, you can apply various features for a brand, price, and functions depending on the category.


On the dealsplus website users vote for the best deals, the deals with the majority of votes are the ones that make it to the main page. You can shop for hot deals and top picks as soon as you land on their site. On DealsPlus you get to redeem your offers straight from the retailer, or you can obtain promotion codes that can be copied or printed and pasted when online checking out.

The website also provides multiple RSS feeds and customer alert per category. If you get signed up with a free account, you can get to share tips, follow other users, and earn points for the activities you do on their site.


Slickdeals is one of the popular deal sites that has everything from apparel to gadgets. It has an intuitive and clean interface that makes it easy to look for a bargain. You can browse by deal, store or category and also don’t forget to check out the main deal that is on the top right of the main page. Slick deals only offer deals on specific options. All you need to do is add a keyword, notification method, timing, rating and you will receive the alerts of the items that you want.


It’s hard to find good deals nowadays, but with these four websites, you are a step closer to finding that fantastic deal rather than going to eBay.

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